Choker necklaces, also known as Indian chokers, have long been a fashionable adornment in Indian society. They have been embellished with a wide range of materials throughout the course of their centuries-long history, including valuable diamonds, pearls, and beads, and have been worn by both men and women. 

The choker necklace is a time-honored accessory that has developed through the years to mirror the shifting fashion trends and cultural influences that have shaped society. It is a sign of elegance, beauty, and grace. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the most recent designs for Indian choker necklaces, as well as the materials that are now all the rage in the industry.

The Components Used in the Construction of Indian Choker Necklaces

Indian choker necklaces have been crafted from a wide range of materials throughout the course of their history. Gold, silver, and other types of precious stones have always been considered to be the most desirable materials for choker necklaces. On the other hand, in recent years, the use of various materials such as beads, pearls, and synthetic gemstones has grown more widespread.

Necklaces with Beaded Choker Links

Necklaces for women that have a choker shape and beads are now trendy and are quite popular among young ladies. They are available in a wide range of hues and may be crafted from a number of materials, including seed beads, glass, and crystal. Beaded chokers often have a simple design, consisting of a single string of beads that is wrapped tightly around the wearer's neck. On the other hand, some beaded chokers have more complicated patterns and incorporate many strands of beads as well as a pendant on the end of one of the strands.

Necklaces with Pearl Chokers

Pearl choker necklaces have long been a favorite among women of all ages in Indian culture, and this trend shows no signs of abating any time soon. Pearl chokers are available in a wide range of designs, ranging from simple ones with a single strand of pearls to more intricate ones with numerous strands of pearls or a pendant in the center of the choker. Pearl chokers are a classic accessory that is perfect for formal events such as weddings and religious observances.

Kundan Choker Necklaces

In India, brides often choose to accessorize their necklines with Kundan choker necklaces. Kundan is a kind of jewelry that originates in India and is characterized by the use of uncut gemstones that are set in gold. Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are just some of the valuable stones that are often used to embellish kundan chokers, which also typically have elaborate patterns. Traditional Indian garments such as lehengas and saris are the most common settings for kundan chokers to be worn.

Necklaces with Temple Choker Links

Indian choker necklaces known as "Temple Chokers" take their design cues from the intricate construction of Hindu temples and are often worn as a manifestation of devotion. Typically, they are crafted out of gold and include ornate motifs that are evocative of the carvings that can be seen on the walls of temples. Temple chokers sometimes incorporate themes that are related to Hindu mythology. Some examples of these patterns include lotus blossoms, peacocks, and other symbols.

Modern style 

In recent years, the use of modern styles in Indian choker necklaces has grown more common. These necklaces are characterized by their abstract patterns, geometric contours, and use of contemporary materials such as synthetic gemstones. Younger ladies often pair their Western-style attire with contemporary chokers because of their popularity in this demographic.

Statement Chokers

Statement chokers are chunky, eye-catching pieces of jewelry that are created with the intention of making a proclamation. They are often constructed from of materials such as gold, silver, and valuable gemstones, and they include elaborate patterns that are intended to draw attention to themselves. Chokers that make a statement are often worn at important events like weddings, parties, and awards shows on the red carpet.

Layered Chokers

Chokers with many tiers are now all the rage in Indian fashion. They are characterized by having many strands of necklaces that, when worn together, provide a layered appearance. Chokers that are layered often incorporate a variety of materials, such as beads, pearls, and gold, and are intended to provide depth and complexity to an ensemble.


Indian choker necklaces are a prominent item in Indian culture. Over the course of history, they have developed to represent the shifting fashion trends and cultural influences of their home country. The most recent designs of Indian choker necklaces are a blend of traditional and modern styles and incorporate a variety of materials as well as patterns. 

These choker necklaces are also available in a wide range of designs. There is a choker to suit every event and every style, from chokers with beads to chokers with a statement, and everything in between.

The versatility of Indian choker necklaces is one of the many reasons why they are so popular. These necklaces may be worn with a wide range of different clothing items. Traditional items of Indian dress like saris and lehengas are often accessorized with traditional choker necklaces like kundan and temple chokers. However, chokers may also be worn with Western-style apparel to give an ensemble a touch of Indian beauty and flair. This is possible since chokers are versatile accessories.

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