Time changes everything, including your fashion trends and your style preferences. And it would be best if you changed with the changing times. As your clothes are a vital part of your social personality, your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle choices. Therefore you must upgrade your wardrobe once in a while. There are plenty of reasons to give your wardrobe a makeover. You might get tired of wearing the same old clothes, new fashion trends are going on, or you might move up in your professional career or personal life. A wardrobe makeover changes the items you wear and gives you a new start and new confidence.  

A wardrobe makeover is not about throwing out all your old clothes and shoes. It's about eliminating some items and adding some new items to your wardrobe. If you are tired of regular sneakers, you can add sneaker juttis to your wardrobe. You can easily find these women sneakers online, which will be a perfect addition to your new wardrobe. If you open your closet and find nothing that makes you excited to wear, you might need a wardrobe makeover. To make your task simpler, here are five smart tips for an effortless wardrobe makeover. 


Separate the essentials 

Every woman's wardrobe consists of staple tops, bottom wear, footwear and other accessories. These essentials are a must- in every closet. So before you start your wardrobe makeover, take a keen look at your wardrobe. Separate the essentials you always wear and are the staple in your closet. It can be blue denim, casual or formal jackets, high heels, leggings, and any other item you think should stay in your closet. 

Once you separate the essentials, take the remaining items and think about what you can do with them. Many online stores in India allow you to sell old clothes, shoes and fashion accessories and earn money. All you need to do is click decent photos of your old clothes and other items, list them on their stores, and share the links with your followers and friends to let them know about the merchandise. Thousands of people use these reselling platforms to buy clothes. So if you have plenty of old clothes and fashion accessories, you can resell them and earn money. You can use this earned money to upgrade your wardrobe with new clothes and accessories.  

Upgrade your footwear with new designs 

 Footwear is a vital part of any wardrobe. Every woman would agree that footwear has the power to make or break any outfit. And it's good to have different types of shoes in your closet to wear for different occasions and seasons. Apart from the staples like everyday sandals, loafers, mules, juttis, and high heels, you should also use this makeover time to upgrade your footwear collection.  

If you want to add an innovative footwear piece to your shoed robe, you should consider buying sneaker juttis. Before you ask what in heaven sneaker juttis are, hold your horses. Sneaker juttis are highly fashionable and trendy footwear you can get your hands on. They are made like juttis but with a twist of sneakers. They have laces like the sneakers have and look like a cute love child of sneakers and juttis. The best of both worlds. You can get one of these from exclusive brands that sell women sneakers online. They come with unique, intricate designs with elements like embroidered flowers, leaves, animals, and birds. You can also see metal embellishments, mirror work and beadwork like never before.  

Get rid of everything that doesn't fit. 

 How often have you tried wearing your party days after months, and it doesn't fit you anymore? Your body changes with time as well. You might gain or lose weight and grow in height too. In that case, your old clothes may not fit you. Many people go through this nightmare, but the solution is relatively easy. When upgrading your wardrobe, remove the clothes, shoes and other things that don't fit you anymore. You might have piled up plenty of clothes, thinking you will wear them when you lose a little weight. But instead of adding more clothes to that pile, you need to get rid of those piles that will fit you and are comfortable. So stop sucking in your tummy to fit in that party dress and get rid of it to buy the one that complements your curves.  

Remove the items that you haven't used in the last year. 

 If you look closely at your closet, you will find some very old clothes that you haven't worn for an eternity. What do you plan to do with those clothes? If you are waiting for them to come back in fashion, it might take decades. But that time, you won't even like them. You need to get rid of these old clothes because they will only take up more space and clutter your wardrobe. If you have any clothes or accessories you haven't worn since last year, you should get rid of them. You will have additional space to store your new clothes. It is also good to eliminate all the old clothes to declutter your wardrobe. 

Create outfit combos 

 Is that Armani jacket too expensive to give away? Or those denim shorts that still fit you perfectly? Don't worry; you don't have to get rid of everything. But if you are tired of wearing the same clothes, you can add a twist to your outfits. You can create new outfit combos from your existing clothes. Gather the old clothing items you don't want to get rid of and look for opportunities to create new combos. You can take inspiration from wardrobe makeover videos and tutorials on YouTube. That way, you don't have to throw away your branded expensive clothes, but you can create new outfit combos. 

Upgrading your wardrobe isn't rocket science, but with little help, you can breathe new life into your wardrobe without spending much money or effort. It's always good to have a quick inspection of your closet and upgrade it every few months. That way, you can eliminate things you don't wear anywhere and stay on top of fashion trends effortlessly.  

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